Tuesday, January 14, 2020

On y mange, on y mange

There are two small buildings on either side of the bridge that crosses the island between Saint-Aignan and Noyers-sur-Cher. One of them has been a restaurant and/or bar for at least as long as we've been here. The latest iteration, Sur le Pont ("On the Bridge") has its dining room and bar on the bridge level as you'd expect, but in the summer months, there's terrace dining down on the river level with views of Saint-Aignan's skyline looming above.

Sur le pont de Saint-Aignan, on y mange tous en rond.

We ate on the riverside terrace once when the restaurant was specializing in hamburgers, and it was very good. Since then they've added pizzeria to the sign. I'm interested in trying their pizza; maybe we'll have an opportunity this summer.


  1. Sur le pont d'Saint-Aignan,
    On y mange, on y mange,
    Sur le pont d'Saint-Aignan,
    On y mange tous en rang!

  2. What is “grill” French for? (Don’t bother answering.) Now that they’ve added pizza, they just have to add “Indian, Mexican, Steakhouse” and they could open a branch in Fuengirola.

  3. I remember reading all about that place, when we were considering going there :)
    Nice photo of the walk area, on yesterday's post. Fun!

  4. chm, ha!

    mitch, just to be confusing, there is "grill" and there is "grille." Two different things.

    judy, did you go? I can't remember...


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