Sunday, January 19, 2020


A week ago today, I took Tasha for a walk around the island in the Cher River at Saint-Aignan. We were the only human and dog on the island. Since we had the place to ourselves, I let Tasha run off leash. She was very well behaved.

Tasha was somewhere, probably behind a bush, sniffing around when I took this picture of our parked car.
The buildings in the background are part of the municipal swimming pools, one indoors and one outdoors.

If there had been other dogs on leashes, I would have kept her tied to my waist and given them a wide berth. Some dogs on leashes can get pretty aggressive. She's usually good with other dogs off leash; we encounter some frequently on our walks through the vineyard.


  1. Is that Spring flowering on the trees? Your car is such a nice color

  2. The latest upgrade on my mac laptop has disallowed me from leaving comments on Blogger sites for a week.
    I am writing this on the office PC.
    The dog loves it when the coast is clear to get off the leash and run about a bit.

  3. evelyn, it could be; it's been kind of warm lately. I think they'll all be trimmed back in the spring, though.

    judy, bettyann, :)

    michael, I've had similar problems with some wordpress blogs (but not yours).

  4. That’s quite an artsy view of a parking lot. Leave it to you!


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