Saturday, January 25, 2020

It's not so bad

Here's a photo I took on Friday morning of the area behind our hedge where the construction equipment was parked for three months and the big trucks and backhoes pulled in and out. It doesn't look too bad in the picture and, in fact, it's not so bad. I do think winter and spring weather will help it to settle and smooth out.

Looking north on Friday. Our back hedge is on the right side. What was left of the pile of gravel has been smoothed out.

Compare that image with the one below, taken in late October. It's not the same view, but it shows the depth of the bigger ruts that were made. All things considered, they did a pretty good job cleaning it up.

Looking south last October. Our back hedge is on the left side.

This coming spring, when the grass starts growing back, I'll smooth out any remaining high spots and try to fill in some of the low spots. I'm sure the neighborhood moles will make plenty of hills; that's where I get the fill dirt.


  1. Not the best time of year for ground recovery. But definitely not bad at all. .

  2. So much better than it was in October.

  3. I meant to comment yesterday that your hedge trimmers do a great job! That is one beautiful hedge.

  4. mitch, it'll get better, I'm sure.

    bettyann, absolutely! And it's too bad that the hedge looks its best in winter. When spring comes, so does the new growth.


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