Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Quiet park

The island in the Cher River at Saint-Aignan is traversed by the bridge that connects Saint-Aignan on the south bank and Noyers on the northern side. East of the bridge is a park and a small beach. Events are held there throughout the summer. The western end of the island is where the municipal swimming pool and garden allotments for residents of Saint-Aignan are. This view is taken from the park looking toward the bridge.

Looking downstream, toward the west.

A little neighborhood news: the construction crew that has been working to put utility lines underground along what I call the river road down below our hamlet has finished its work. On Monday they came and hauled away the remaining trailer, construction signs, and traffic barriers that they have been storing behind our back gate. Since mid-October. It's nice to have the view back.


  1. Finally! :) Did the do anything about the ruts?

  2. This park looks so inviting. And regarding the trailer and construction, hallelujah!

  3. Yes, do let us know about the ruts, please.

  4. Yes, they did some smoothing out, but they did it before the holidays. Then they continued to drive on it, so there are still some ruts, but it is better. I think the ground will smooth out over the spring. And where it doesn't, I won't mow!


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