Monday, January 20, 2020

Up a lazy river

The Cher River is a relatively narrow, shallow river that moves slowly toward its confluence with the Loire just west of Tours. The river's source is in the Massif Central (Central Mountain Range) and it flows north, then west, for 368 km (229 miles). There are several small dams, little more than spillways, along its length with locks (and a canal) that once allowed small boats to navigate up and down the river. Since rail traffic supplanted boats for moving goods and people, most of the locks are no longer in use.

The eastern end of Saint-Aignan-sur-Cher, as seen from the tip of the island.

One famous feature on the Cher is the château de Chenonceau, a renaissance castle that spans the river not far downstream from Saint-Aignan. If you're interested, here are my past posts about Chenonceau.


  1. The first photo at the link is a perfect illustration of what the word perspective means. Just as that one, as usual, the other photos are very good. But the one of the gallery is, by far, my favorite, so much depth!

  2. Beautiful. And thanks for getting 1969s commercial jingles out of my head today. I’m now hearing The Mills Brothers!

  3. I love the winter colors in this photo.

  4. The eastern end of Saint-Aignan-sur-Cher looks mighty peaceful. You've captured a view and reflections that I could look at on a wall everyday! Interestingly enough, one of my classmates who is studying in Tours at the CLE school this month was at Clemenceau this past weekend! Her photos had lots of sunshine and blue sky. Did you experience that as well?

  5. chm, I was lucky to get a shot with no people!

    mitch, The Brothers from the Mills!

    evelyn, very subdued. :)

    mary, Yes, we're having a run of clear, dry weather, with morning lows at or below freezing.


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