Monday, June 08, 2020

Another day, another castle

This is the village of Turenne clustered around the ruined château of the same name. We drove by on our way to the town of Collonges-la-Rouge at the end of our trip to the Dordogne in April 2006. We stopped by the side of the road to take photos but didn't venture up into the village.

There's been a fortified presence on this hilltop since the eighth century. The current ruins date from the fifteenth century.

The price of home heating fuel is relatively low right now, so I arranged for a delivery this afternoon. We should be pretty well set for next winter. Not that I want to rush things. I'd like to enjoy summer and fall first.


  1. I just googled Turenne and it looks like it is a lovely village. There must be amazing views from the fortress terrace!

  2. We don't use oil for our heat, but we were wondering about that. Seems like the time to buy.

  3. Great opportunity to save! Good move. You're so practical -- you who go from one castle to another.

  4. Has anyone actually counted all the castles in France into some sort of system?

  5. chm, it is pretty impressive. I wish we had had the time to stop and explore, but we were on the way to see Colonges.

    judy, I like to buy in summer when the prices go down, but this is the earliest I've done.

    mitch, at least I don't have to heat them all!

    michael, I'm sure they have. That would be a very French thing to do. The primary divisions, I imagine, are based on ownership: public vs. private. Then, again I imagine, by time period, architectural style, and condition (preserved vs. restored vs. ruins). I'm making all of this up, of course.


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