Friday, June 05, 2020

Le Moulin de la Beune

Another photo from our April 2006 trip to the Dordogne region of southwestern France. This is the hotel and restaurant Le Moulin de la Beune in Les Eyzies outside of Sarlat. The town bills itself as the capital of prehistory with its impressive National Museum of Prehistory and the nearby caves at Lascaux.

An former mill transformed into a hotel and restaurant in Les Eyzies.

As I mentioned, Tasha and I got our shots yesterday. The vet told me that Tasha is overweight at sixteen kilos (yikes!) and wants her to lose three of them (about six and a half pounds). I was surprised that she had gained so much since her last visit. I don't think we overdo her feeding, but we are generous with treats and little extras through the day. That will have to stop.

I had a mild reaction to my tetanus shot with muscle aches through the morning, but they subsided by afternoon and all is well now. I was the first patient of the day at the doctor's and didn't have to share the waiting room with anyone. All the magazines had been removed and replaced with a disinfectant gel dispenser. Both the doctor and I wore masks.


  1. Wow. That’s a lot of weight to lose. Poor, beautiful Tasha. She carries it well. Good luck!

  2. And did Tasha wear a mask?

  3. Glad you are feeling better. I also need to give up treats and lose a few pounds. Tasha carries her extra pounds well.

  4. she doesnt look heavy....all that fur is a good cover i guess....I remember my arm being quite sore for a few days after that shot. also from the shingles shots

  5. Tasha, if it is any consolation, one reads that many of us have added excess weight during the confinement. As a percentage of her weight; I would never guess she is 6 1/2 pounds overweight. That really seems like a lot.

  6. Beautiful hotel! If you cut back on Tasha’s treats gradually, she won’t notice.

  7. mitch, thanks, I think we're going to need it.

    sillygirl, nope! It fogs up her glasses.

    evelyn, I think we're a little too generous with the between meal snacks.

    melinda, my arm got sore about 24 hours after the shot. And there's still some stiffness in my lower back. I'm hopeful it will go away soon.

    mary, it does to me, too. But considering that last year she weighed in at just under 12 kilos...

    judy, lol!

    bettyann, oh, I'm not so sure about that... But I'm thinking that it's the Denta Stix. She gets half of one every day for her teeth (and they're not working all that well), but I looked at the box and saw that they are mega-caloric. Slowing or stopping those might be all we need to do.


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