Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Your guess is as good as mine

This château is somewhere in the Dordogne, probably between Sarlat and Turenne based on the order of my photos, taken in April 2006. I don't remember it, nor do I remember its name. In all likelihood, we stopped along the road when we saw it to take some photos.

A freshly plowed field in the valley below this castle, whatever it is.
UPDATE: Thanks to reader Andrew, who recognized it as the Château de Salignac-Eyvigues.

Our chilly showery pattern continues. At least we're getting some sun for a good part of the day. But the rain showers are keeping me from cutting the grass and the weeds are getting higher with each passing day. The vegetable garden is looking good, though, so that's a plus.


  1. Town or village of Salignac Eyvigues it seems. Sorry for being a show off.

  2. Thanks for naming it Andrew. I’ve been to the beautiful gardens there.

  3. andrew, spot on! Thanks!


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