Saturday, June 13, 2020

More vines

The growers with vineyard parcels out back have been working in the past week to trim the vines. They use tractors that straddle the rows fitted with spinning blades. The blades trim the tendrils on the sides and tops of the vines. The result is a neat rectangular row of green. The grapes themselves grow just above the woody trunks and are not in danger of being lopped off by the trimmers.

Neatly trimmed vines and recently mowed grass between the rows.

Yesterday I saw a deer and two rabbits in the parcel pictured above. The deer froze and watched me as I walked by, the rabbits (wild hares, actually) took off into another row to hide from me. Tasha was oblivious as she lagged behind. A little further along, I saw another deer in another parcel. I guess the deer repellent isn't working all that well.


  1. Maybe the deer don't chew but simply browse now. (As if.)

  2. It still intrigues me to remember these things are not done by french farmers from the 17th century.


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