Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Apple bounty

Our two remaining apple trees are laden with apples this year. There are so many that their weight is pulling the trees' branches toward the ground as they grow bigger. Little apples are already beginning to fall from the trees; soon I'll have to start picking the bigger ones up off the ground before I can mow. Not to mention that I'm going to have to prune back some of those branches so I can get under them with the mower without being knocked in the head.

I had these two apple trees professionally pruned a few years ago. It may be time to do that again.

The very red apples are not the greatest. They're kind of mealy and mushy when ripe, which makes them okay for applesauce, but not for pies. Most of them end up in the compost pile. The yellow apples are firm and good for eating or pie-making, and I've also used them for applesauce.


  1. They sure look beautiful. Too bad the reality isn't quite as perfect.

  2. We have a peach tree in our neighborhood loaded like your apple trees. Unfortunately the peaches aren't edible so they make a big mess.

  3. It seems too early for apples, but maybe in France it is different. When I think of apple picking, I think of the fall.

  4. If you have too many, you can make apple cider and apple cider vinegar!

  5. What a bountiful crop! Too bad they are so much work for you to pick up and get rid of.

  6. I feel like plants are doing better everywhere, because there has been less pollution from cars in the air over the last many months. Just a theory. :)

  7. mitch, that reminds me of Billy Crystal as Fernando: "It is better to look good than to feel good."

    evelyn, our pears were like that most years.

    michael, it is too early, they're not mature yet. Fall is apple time!

    ellen, I'll add that to the list! LOL

    bettyann, the big tree that we lost last year was the worst in terms of the number of apples it dropped. At least I don't have to deal with those any more.

    judy, but an interesting one!


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