Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Tasha Tuesday

Here's a back-lit Tasha from Saturday morning. Saturday was a very pleasant day weather-wise, and they've only gotten better since.

A sunrise walk through the vineyards on Saturday.

Speaking of beautiful days, Monday was quite nice. I got the west 40 cut and the back yard is looking much better. This morning I'm planning to finish up the mowing in the north 40 and I'll be done, at least for now. The next few days are predicted to be hot and dry, so the lawn's growth should slow a little. That's good, because there is always some other chore to be tackled outdoors.

Later this morning I'm taking Bert to the vet for his vaccination booster. Because of the pandemic, our regular vaccination appointment in March was postponed. If you miss the annual date by more than a few weeks, you have to start from scratch, which means one shot and another booster a few weeks after. Bert got his first shot at the end of May and now it's time for the second.


  1. Oh that golden glow in the photo! How's Tasha's diet going?

  2. beautiful photo of Tasha...I took a kitty Dijon to the vet yesterday for a check up and the policy there is to stay in your car and just hand the animal over at the door & then they return when finished...I took Dijon's housemate along for the ride because if one comes home smelling like the vet the other one hisses and growls at him for a few days! so I asked the vet people to just take the extra cat in and let him sit there haha

    1. What a great story, Melinda!

    2. Cats are savvy creatures. Love this tale.

    3. So love this comment. I had no idea cats could be like that. We had two cats in the States. Took one to the vet and the other hissed for two days if the other dared to walk in his direction. They were littermates and 11 years old at the time. We were stunned. We knew it had to do with smells from the vet, but we thought we had a crazy cat. Thank you for enlightening me, Melinda, 13 years later!

  3. A beautiful picture of a beautiful pup! Thank you.

  4. Oh, right, is Tasha feeling better than ever, with a new spring in her step? Ha!

  5. I love the golden glow of that photo. Tasha is beautiful!

  6. GREAT pix of pretty tasha! when do we get a pix of you and ken?

  7. mitch, not sure about the "diet." We didn't have much to change...

    melinda, wow!

    bettyann, :)

    judy, she's just as normal as can be! Oh, and a belated Happy Birthday to you!

    michael, we think so, too!

    anne marie, not until we're over Covid hair! lol


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