Sunday, June 14, 2020

Unsettled skies and a box of wine

Our weather has been very spring-like lately. As in early spring. Like March. Chilly, blustery days with cold rain showers. We're wearing long pants and long-sleeved shirts. This just one week from the summer solstice, the official start of summer. I'm not complaining, yet. The weather could turn dry and hot at any moment. It could also stay cold and wet all summer. We've experienced both.

At least there's a little blue.

I had a good trip to the market on Saturday morning. The day started out pretty with bright sun. I had to wear a sweatshirt, but didn't need a jacket. I parked down by the river and walked up and around Saint-Aignan's château to the market, which is now happening in the town's upper square (it has more room to spread out).  I found some radishes, a cucumber, a couple of heirloom tomatoes, and some strawberries. Oh, and a ten-liter box of local wine from a winery called "Domaine des Eléphants."

That's a kind-of-funny story. The Eléphants winery (located in the town of Monthou, across the river, named for two small elephant statues that sit atop its gate posts) has a booth at the Saint-Aignan market every other Saturday. Two weeks ago we needed some red wine, so I stopped to get some. The vendor only had bottles and five-liter boxes of white and rosé, no red. We chatted a little and he said he'd bring some for me the next time (two weeks later). When I went to the market yesterday, I had almost forgotten about that. So I walked over to the winery's booth and the guy lit up with a big smile. He pointed to the lone ten-liter box of red sitting on his table that he remembered to bring especially for me. I was convinced he wouldn't remember and I'll bet he was convinced I wouldn't show up. He told me that most shoppers don't buy the ten-liter boxes at the market because they're big and heavy (a ten-liter box is the equivalent of about 13 bottles, more than an American case). I thanked him profusely and lugged my box back to the car.


  1. So the ten-litter box weighed about ten kilos.

  2. I bet it is good, and a good value. Do you work out of the box, or bottle it off?

  3. I like to think that way, too.. When I look out into a sea of gray.. and notice a small clearing, I immediately call out to Alex.. "LOOK! It's starting to clear up! There's some blue sky peering through... ' I really love the blue colour of the sky as we are walking in the late afternoons.. I see clouds that are very puffy and remind me of the clouds you see on islands.. and I notice the different hues of blue in the sky.. So lovely! I posted a lot onto Insta.. I am going to get back into blogging again and try to get a lot of my photos up onto my blog.. Wish me luck..

    Is your neighbour Mr. Guerrier still selling his delicious wine? We cancelled our trip to Germany and are going to stay in France and visit places nearby.. We were thinking to head down to your area.. Would love to see you both, IF it's safe and possible.. It has been sooo many years and the few times we came to visit you are engraved fondly in my memory.. Cheers, Leesa

  4. Good thing you’re in good shape! I would have had to drink half of the wine at the market before carrying the rest to the car.

  5. Yikes, that's a heavy load to tug!

  6. Boxed wine is slowly catching on here going from its reputation as 'cheap' to 'good bargain'. I can not imagine France making any bad wine.

  7. Wow! A 10-liter box! What will you drink NEXT week? (Oh, that photo is stunning!)

  8. After carrying close or over 2lbs you are now ready to have a strawberry tart or cherry tart or ??? tart! Well done!
    I'm glad you showed up and I'm glad the vendor remembered to bring the wine for you!

  9. chm, just about!

    travel, we put it in bottles as we serve it, otherwise it keeps well for a while in the box.

    leesa, good to hear from you! Yes, as far as I know. We haven't seen him (except working in the vineyard) for a while.

    sillygirl, a bit complicated, and long. It's easier just to drive up to the winery!

    bettyann, if I drank half, I'm sure I wouldn't be able to walk to the car!

    judy, I had already put my other purchases in the car, so the wine was all I had to carry. And it wasn't too far!

    michael, the wine in boxes is the same stuff they sell in bottles, for the most part. It's a more economical way to buy, although I'm not sure of the ecological impact.

    mitch, fortunately, we have two more 10 liter boxes in the pantry. We can breathe for a week or two. ;)

    mary, I had strawberry shortcake!

  10. Prices went up for the 1 lb box of strawberries this week: now they were $1.25. I still bought two of them! Maybe I should buy some cream and bake some biscuits and then enjoy a strawberry shortcake, myself! Sounds wonderful!


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