Friday, June 26, 2020

Stormy weather

I didn't sleep much last night. I woke up about two hours after I went to bed, and never really got back to sleep. The weather people predicted thunderstorms over night. I heard some low rumbling thunder around 23h30, but saw no lightning. Then, after more tossing and turning, I opened the roof windows to let some more air in, and there was lightning dancing to our south, but I couldn't hear any thunder. The lighting continued through most of the night as the storms moved north and east, away from us.

A hazy morning in the Cher Valley.

I finally caught a few snippets of sleep between three and six, but it wasn't very satisfying. At least we didn't get hit directly by a storm. I hate night storms, and the possibility of wind, hail, and heavy rain stresses me out. Storms are predicted again for this evening, but not as intense, and the weather is cooling down.


  1. I love night time storms, hearing wind, rare in our well sealed apartment, flashes of lightning, thunder and rain hitting my bedroom back window or better still, hail.

  2. I love storms (SG is more like you). It's probably my lack of maturity and limited grasp of reality. Sometimes they're of use. Your haze is magical. Hope you have a better night tonight.

  3. Have a good night sleep tonight, Walt!

  4. That's a nice photo! I hope you get a good night's sleep tonight.

  5. I love that misty view! I’m with Andrew and Mitchell on storms, love them!

  6. We're supposed to be getting a strong haze today from the Saharan sand storm. I don't remember ever hearing of that kind of thing here, before.

  7. After spending 11 years in the midwest and suffering several nights when tornardo's were expected and often arrived, I can feel your stress, Walt. Here in Oregon, we don't have to deal with that kind of danger, so now I do not have any nightmares over them or can I blame my sleepless nights on storms.
    I would agree with the others that the photo you have created showing the mist/haze does have a "magical" affect on something is out there (good? bad?) and then the sun will clear it away and everything is back to normal!

  8. andrew, I know what you mean, but violent storms have the potential to smash our greenhouse glass, rip off roof tiles (it happened to us ten years ago), and topple trees (also happened ten years ago). So I get a little nervous.

    mitch, I did sleep better, thanks!

    jan, thanks, I did!

    evelyn, thank you!

    bettyann, I remember one good one on Okracoke Island many years a go. Quite a spectacle. We were staying in a hotel, but our car was parked outdoors. No damage, if I remember correctly.

    judy, I've heard about how the sands are blown across the Atlantic, but all the way to Saint Louis? Wow!

    mary, tornadoes are not unheard of in France, but they tend to be very localized and short-lived.

  9. I had only thought perhaps during your growing up years (Albany?) there had been severe storms.

  10. I am so desperate for a proper storm I would gladly wake for one.


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