Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Le potager

Here's what the vegetable garden looks like as we move toward mid-June. I think it's pretty well established, but now we're in a pattern of chilly days and that will slow things down a little. I planted twenty-four tomato plants under tripods. Then I planted bean seeds against the trellis. Only one variety of beans sprouted (I guess my seeds were too old). A couple of weeks ago, I got some new bean seeds from the garden center.

Beans and tomatoes on the northern side of the garden plot.

The tall beans in the middle are yellow flat beans. The other two varieties are called "melissa," climbing purple beans, and "rudy" a semi-dwarf green bean. They sprouted well and are now getting bigger. If they produce well, we'll have a huge crop to deal with all at once. I didn't stagger the planting as I should have. There's still some room against the trellis for some more, so I'll plant another crop when the new sprouts start getting bigger.

What's not in the photo are the two zucchini and two pumpkin plants on the southern side of the garden plot. I've also got six bell peppers still in the greenhouse that will go approximately where those short green stakes are, probably in another week or so.


  1. The start of another exciting gardening season. I wishing some sun for you. We have just ended eight days without sun (unheard of in Florida) and six inches of rain, thanks to Tropical Storm Christobal. And to add insult to injury, a deer decimated two of my three hibiscus shrubs last night! :(

  2. Of course I meant to say, I’m wishing. I should read before I hit publish.

  3. Been a while since you planted bell peppers if I'm not mistaken. Good luck...they can be finicky if the weather's not hot enough. The tomatoes look very happy.

  4. Your tomato stakes are beautiful! My dad called those flat beans, pole beans. I'm surprised Ken hasn't talked you into planting black eyed peas, or maybe they don't like your climate... Cheers to a good year for the garden!

  5. I love your gardens. I always find those tripods charming. I wish we could have found that here. That would have been perfect for our cylindrical African spear.

  6. Looks like a nice start for your garden. Too bad about your old bean seeds.

  7. bettyann, oh, those pesky deer. They used to visit our yard, but we had it fenced in the year we arrived.

    sheila, I had some last year (seedlings given by a friend) and they did pretty well. It was a hot, dry summer.

    evelyn, I think they might prefer a hotter climate.

    mitch, I made the tripods out of standard tomato stakes. Nothing fancy!

    judy, yes!

    mary, nothing lasts forever!

    1. We haven't found those twirly tomato stakes... only very short, straight ones.


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