Friday, June 19, 2020

Up the down staircase

Stairs without hand railings make me nervous, but France is filled with them. They seem to still be in fashion in some of the houses we see on a popular renovation/interior design program we like to watch on television. Here's one, outdoors, in Collonges-la-Rouge. It makes a pretty picture.

The steps look like granite set into the red sandstone of Collonges-la-Rouges. April 2006.

The weather people are predicting a heat wave building in over the weekend and into next week. We shall see. It's hard to imagine a heat wave in this current cool and rainy weather, but it could happen. I think the vegetable garden will like it.


  1. Those steps make me nervous just looking at them! But it is a pretty picture. I remember seeing a lot of cats lying on stone walls there soaking up the sun.

  2. Very nice photo - where were the cats? Maybe you just missed them! They do find the sunny spots and the stone would heat up in the sun as BettyAnn noted! A fine place for a nap or just a nice place to watch the "goings-on" in the village!
    I like that arched door with the stone archway! Now, that would be fun to attempt in masonry!


  3. bettyann, I've seen some stairs in fancy homes that are just planks coming out of the wall, no risers or railings. Yikes!

    mary, I'm sure they were around somewhere!

  4. no stairs are along the line 'what were they thinking?"


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