Thursday, June 18, 2020

Seeing red

The last stop on our April 2006 road trip to the Dordogne in southwestern France was a town called Collonges-la-Rouge. It's actually in the Limousin region (when I say "region," I'm speaking geographically, not administratively). It's a town that Ken and I visited years earlier while vacationing in France.

The striking red sandstone of Collonges-la-Rouge.

The town is essentially a tourist destination these days, inhabited by artists and craftspeople, with myriad boutiques and restaurants to cater to visitors. The principal attraction is the red sandstone that most of the buildings in the village are built with, and the state of preservation and restoration of the significant monuments. As I mentioned, Collonges' economy is based on tourism. Ken, our friend Sue, and I spent an hour or so wandering and visiting shops. I don't remember if we ate there or not. We still had a three-hour drive ahead of us to get home.


  1. Your posts always make me want to take a two month tour of France!

  2. Striking photo of a striking wall of red sandstone!

  3. It is a very pretty and interesting village but, as you say, very touristy. We were there in Oct of 2000 which was past the height of the season as you were there before the height of the season. We are smart travelers, n’est-ce pas? ;)

  4. I was looking at your newsiness comment about the lack of sleet. It has been known to snow in Derbyshire in June. The cricket match in Buxton was cancelled due to snow several times and it sleeted here not long ago.

  5. Thanks for showing this photo, Walt! I took a class on stonemasonry several years ago and now I can clearly see how the masons in Collonges-la-Rouge did their stone/mortar placement. Looks a little heavy on mortar to me, but then I am a beginners beginner in that field. My purpose in taking the class was to be prepared to construct some stone walls, which hasn't happened...yet!

  6. michael, maybe one day you will!

    mitch, strike a pose!

    bettyann, I'm pretty crowd-averse. Ken and I usually try to do traveling in the off-season when we can. I wonder when we'll be able/feel comfortable to do so again?

    jean, yikes!

    mary, that's pretty cool!


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