Sunday, June 21, 2020

Eglise Saint-Pierre

This is the entrance to Saint Peter's Church in Collonges-la-Rouge. The church dates from the eleventh and twelfth centuries and is built with the Collonges' characteristic red sandstone. It's not a big church, but it has a lot of character.

A fancy entrance to a modest church.

Saturday was a beautiful day, sunny and pleasant. I was at the St.-Aignan market around 09h00, and it was quite busy. There were more vendors and more shoppers than I've seen there in the last few weeks, probably because the weather was so nice. I had to park farther away this time, but the walk from the lot is not long, especially in nice weather.

Many shoppers and vendors were not wearing masks (I was) and that was a little strange. I think people are becoming complacent with the good weather and the opening of more and more businesses. The zoo is open again (and I notice the traffic) and people are and will be coming from all over France and Europe to stay in local hotels, campgrounds, and other vacation rentals throughout the summer. I think Ken and I will continue to lay low and enjoy our house, garden, and walks in the vineyards.


  1. Better safe than sorry.

    Happy Summer Solstice!

  2. Masks are required here until there's a vaccine or a cure, and police have been fining people (up to €100). But it can still be unsettling to try to live the normal life right now. I think SG and I will also continue to lay low and even take a couple of steps back from what we've been doing in the past couple of weeks. Today, for the first time, I wished we lived far away from the beach and paseo. The church front is so surprising. I especially love the iron work on that door. Oh for that kind of detail and craftsmanship!

  3. Very sensible of you all to wear masks; this is far from over.

  4. I am glad you are wearing masks and taking care of yourselves...That is what I am doing here.

  5. Beautiful church entrance. We have traveled, internationally, for at least twenty months in the last four years and we are so glad we did it when we could. We are now quite content to stay home and when we must go out we always wear masks too. This is a good time to be retired, I feel bad for younger, working people.

  6. Yesterday, when I was out I was surprised at the high number of non-wearers to wearers of masks. I read a few days ago that it is amazing how many people are so put out to wear a small piece of fabric over their noses and mouths vs. saving their life or someone elses. I am diligent about wearing one and I will continue until there is a vaccine or some other relief (?) that allows us to stop. When I opened up today's post and saw the front of this church, I could only think, like Mitchell, about the people who must have put a lot of work into the creation. It is superb. Even that interesting ironwork!

  7. chm, agreed!

    mitch, agreed.

    michael, agreed.

    thickethouse, agreed.

    bettyann, agreed!

    mary, agreed!

    I love doing that. ;)


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