Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Clafoutis aux cerises

When our neighbors invited us to pick cherries from their trees, I immediately thought to make the French classic dessert, clafoutis [kla-foo-TEE]. The traditional clafoutis is made with black cherries, but since our neighbors have red sour cherries, that's what we used. Sour cherries lose some of their tartness when cooked and work really well in this dish. The unpitted cherries are arranged in a buttered quiche pan, covered with a custard filling, then baked until the custard is done.

A great spring-time dessert for when you have a good supply of cherries.

They say that leaving the pits in the cherries gives the dessert a better flavor. You have to be careful not to bite down too hard on them. Of course, pitted cherries will work just as well, but I'm too lazy to actually pit the fruit myself and I don't mind the pits at all.


  1. Dishes are fine if you know the fruit is un-pitted....
    the danger comes when you have pitted fruit, but the pitter missed the pit!!
    Be that conserve, clafoutis, pie.... one of those pits will find your teeth!!

  2. I don't understand how one can eat an un-pitted pie..yikes

  3. Beautiful result- I will use a quiche dish for my next clafouti.

  4. Pitted or not, it looks delicious and I’m sure it tastes even better.

  5. I first read the word only a year ago in a blogger buddie's book. As he lives in Glasgow I thought it a Scottish word until now.

  6. That looks so delicious (and thanks for the pronunciation; I guessed right but wasn't confident). I must admit, I would NOT enjoy the pits. It's one of those fussy things I have. If it goes in my mouth, I don't like taking part of it back out.

  7. tim, I've purchased several jars of pitted black olives for making tapenade. Each jar contains several pits!

    melinda, it's not hard. Well, the pits can be...

    evelyn, pretty good!

    bettyann, we enjoyed both of them.

    michael, wikipedia says the name comes from Occitan.

    mitch, the pits have never really bothered me. I guess I'm used to them.

  8. Dealing with the pits is a little.....socially awkward. Best attempted with good friends and not in posh company! Your clafoutis looks delicious.


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