Monday, June 29, 2020


It's not very tidy, but there's a lot of color just outside the greenhouse door. The blue rozanne geraniums have filled in very nicely since I relocated them in the fall of 2017. So have the weeds. The red blooms are dipladenia (or mandevilla) that were originally in planter boxes on the deck. Last fall we put them into pots and over-wintered them inside the greenhouse. Now they're waiting to go into the real fake well for the summer and fall. The rogue wheat that's there now has gone brown and I'm planning to harvest it very soon.

I haven't gotten around to planting that artichoke in the ground. It's not at all happy in that pot.

There are lots of hens and chicks in pots along the low wall, but no flowers this time of year. We have some variety of sedum (or stonecrop) in pots that are flowering in bright yellow right now. They get pulled up from the gravel walk that encircles the house and tossed into pots, some even without soil. They're very tenacious. I even see some house plants that are in line to be trimmed, divided, or otherwise dealt with.


  1. When my mother died in 2016, she still had hens and chicks she had planted in a rock garden in 1956, took with her in a pot to Brooklyn in 1964, and kept in a planter on her balcony. I was sorry I couldn't take any back with me, but I gave the planter to a neighbor. Looking forward to seeing the new old real fake well freshly planted.

  2. I hope you have a mini threshing machine to harvest your wheat crop.
    A nice collection of colorful plants, Walt.

  3. You say it isn't very tidy, but I think it looks great. It's natural!

  4. Your potpourri arrangement is pretty. There's always something to do when you have a garden. Will you thresh your wheat and make some bread?

  5. mitch, we, too, have had these hens & chicks for a very long time. I'll take photos of the well work. The wheat has been harvested!

    bettyann, it would have to be mini!

    michael, thanks!

    evelyn, I don't think we'd get enough flour for even one slice!


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