Thursday, June 25, 2020

The heat is on

It's been hotter, but Wednesday was by far the hottest day of 2020, so far. We got up over 30ºC and are expecting more of the same today, with a cool down over the weekend. I've started washing windows and plan to do some more this morning. Ken made great progress on cleaning winter's grunge off the front gate. These (and other) spring cleaning chores got postponed because of the chilly rainy spell we had in the first half of June. So now it's summer cleaning. And the garage is just begging to be cleaned out this year.

This photo was taken a few days ago, but it's pretty much what the sky looks like this morning.

Yesterday felt a little like Christmas. We received a bunch of stuff from Amazon in the morning's mail. Ken got a new pair of hiking shoes, and we got watch batteries and some new watch bands. Ok, so maybe not like Christmas, but it's always fun to get packages in the mail.


  1. That photo took my breath away! Not as hot here, thankfully. Mid 20s seem to be the norm lately.

  2. I judge from reading other blogs from France that Amazon shipments were halted during the height of the coronavirus outbreak. Panic time for us if that had happened over here.

  3. mitch, we're over our little heat wave for now. Phew!

    sheila, there was limited delivery available for items considered essential, but now we're back to full service.

    judy, let 'em roll!


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