Sunday, June 07, 2020

I'm gonna go eat worms

Or caterpillars, maybe. I saw these while walking on the grounds of the Château de la Grande Filolie (yesterday's post) back in April 2006. I don't know what they were or what they would become but they're kind of pretty, in a squirmy sort of way.

Oh, how they wiggle and squirm!

My market adventure was successful on Saturday. In addition to strawberries, I got some white mushrooms and some fresh shiitakes (all grown nearby) and a bunch of radishes. We ate some of the radishes with bread and butter as an appetizer to yesterday's lunch. I kept the nice looking radish greens and made pesto with it. We're planning a pesto pizza for lunch today, topped with sliced smoked sausage.


  1. Nope. I don't find the caterpillars pretty at all but perhaps they turned into something pretty. Strawberries, pesto and smoked sausage, yum. Radish and mushroom, not so much.

  2. That will be an interesting pizza for sure.

  3. I had to scroll past the picture. Eww.

  4. I too had a 'eww' reaction. Creepy crawlies do that for many.

  5. andrew, it was a good lunch.

    evelyn, different, but tasty.

    judy, aw, they're pretty!

    thickethouse, one must eat, one might as well enjoy it!

    michael, does your friend DT know about this? ;)

  6. Ew. Don’t know for sure but that looks kind of like sawfly larvae. Hope an authority will chime in and say they’re not and will turn into magnificent golden butterflies.

  7. Pesto out of radish greens! Amazing, Walt! Explain your recipe, please. Have you done that before? I love your lunch- as long as no worms are included! EWWWWWWWW.

  8. mitch, I'm not familiar with sawfly. I'll look it up.

    mary, the recipe is the same as for basil pesto! I have done it before and liked it. The important thing is that the radish greens should look good and fresh. Wilted or browning leaves are not what you want.


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