Saturday, June 27, 2020

The state of the onion

That would be a great title if I actually had onions (or something like them) growing in the vegetable garden. I don't. What I do have is, mostly, doing well so far. The tomatoes and climbing yellow flat beans are making blossoms now.

Tomatoes in front, beans in back. Three of six tiny bell peppers on the right.

I didn't have luck with the older bean and snow pea seeds, so I planted some climbing purple beans and a row of dwarf green beans. The all came up and are looking good, and the climbers are starting to climb. I'm puzzled by the lack of growth of the bell peppers, though. I bought six seedlings two or three weeks ago from a guy at the Saturday market and they don't seem to be any bigger than when I bought them. I'm telling myself that they're growing roots and they will grow upward any day now. Hope springs eternal.

A better shot of the beans. Purple climbers closest to the camera, yellow flat climbers in the middle, and dwarf greens after that.

The zukes and pumpkins are growing well, and there are blossoms forming on them. I think they really enjoyed the heat we had at the end of the week. Fortunately, we were spared heavy rain and hail (perish the thought!) storms that might have damaged or destroyed the crop.

Two zucchinis and one of the pumpkins. You can't even see the bell peppers (where the six green stakes are).
Our two apple trees are loaded this year, and the rosemary is starting to flower.

I see some gardens around us that are much more advanced that ours. I think that's because some people put their seedlings out early, gambling on whether there will be a late spring freeze. The local folks are much better at doing that than I am. I wait. But with any luck we'll catch up and soon we'll be enjoying the fruits of our labor. Literally!


  1. I love watching your garden grow ... But when I think of the actual state of the onion, it makes my eyes water.

    Look at all the fruit on your trees in the background! Are those all apples?

  2. You just can't beat fresh veg straight from the garden.
    Our poor garden will probably be in a terrible state when we finally get there. Alex and Nicole have been cutting the grass and the hedges so that the place doesn't look abandoned, for which we are immensely grateful. As for everything else.....we just want to be there and to be able sit and look at it will be a total joy - even if it's a total desert!

  3. Perhaps the peppers need a long hot spell.

  4. I know I've said this before but I am most grateful for watching your gardens grow. I miss doing so. I enjoy seeing the cycle of gardening.
    thank you .


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