Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Linden flowers

The tilleul (linden tree) in our back yard is flowering right now. The tree resonates with the sound of buzzing bees as they feed on nectar, pollinating the tree in the process. The flowers are supposedly good for making infusions (like a tea), but I've never tried it. Soon the flowers will fade and start dropping all over the ground.

Les fleurs du tilleul (linden flowers).

Our taste of summer is predicted to come to an end in a day or so. Storms are expected on Wednesday along with a significant drop in temperature. I have to remind myself that it's still spring. The vegetable garden is in and establishing itself thanks to the warm and dry weather we've had, so I'm thankful for that. Still, with the rain will come the weeds. It's always something.


  1. Linden trees are so stately, but I sat under and old one in a friend’s garden one afternoon and the buzzing of the bees nearly made me apoplectic. That would be a dangerous cup of tea. So, nice photo!

  2. When I was a child, we always knew when the lime (linden) tree in a garden several houses away was flowering, by the scent. There were also a number planted in the streets round about - for while I had the habit of eating the young leaves when they were very fresh (but they also left a sticky ooze all over one's hands - there is always a price to be paid for pleasure).

  3. Lovely blossoms, but I bet there will be quite a mess when they drop. Our buckeye tree was like that when we had one in Cincinnati.

  4. I've never had a linden tree and I guess from the dropping flowers it won't be one I will choose in the future, either.
    The sticky ooze Autolycus was describing isn't a good recommendation that entices me. And I guess I'll cross off buckeye trees from the list as well! The rain scheduled after the warm days will be good for the garden! We're on the same sort of path here: sunny and warm - 80's until the weekend and then rain.

  5. Hot puppies! Storms! I miss them so.

  6. mitch, the bees really love those flowers!

    autolycus, I didn't know the leaves were edible, too!

    evelyn, it's a like a little carpet under the tree when the flowers fall, but it melts away pretty quickly.

    mary, I just hope we don't get any hail...

    michael, I enjoy the low, rumbling thunderstorms, but the windy and violent ones make me nervous. They're predicting the former for today.


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