Wednesday, June 24, 2020


These are the towers of the Eglise Saint-Pierre in Collonges-la-Rouge. This is the only long shot I took of the church back in 2006. It was a beautiful day, and I'm sure there were better angles to be had. Our visit was a relatively short one, so I probably just snapped and moved on.

Eglise Saint-Pierre, Collonges-la-Rouge, April 2006.

I got an early start on Tuesday and mowed the remaining section of the yard. So that's done once again. Then Bert and I went to the vet for his shot. He was so relaxed as the vet looked him over and administered the injection. She said, Il est cool. I responded, oui, Bert est très zen. Then I tried to put him back in the carrier and he refused to go in. So much for cool. The vet laughed that Bert seemed to prefer staying at the vet's to going back in the carrier. We got him in, though. When we got home, he disappeared for a while, probably to sleep off the effects of the shot. He finally came home around midnight, then sacked out without moving until this morning.


  1. Bertie is a sweet cat and certainly has a personnality of his own.

  2. I hate when I feel obligated to snap and move on, but this is still a truly wonderful shot.

    Wild about Bert. Usually cats who hate those carriers can't wait to jump back in when they're at the Vet. It becomes their sanctuary. Bert is one of a kind.

  3. I believe a cat's disposition in the vet's office has a lot to do with their relationship with the owner! Bert is comfortable with you, knows you take good care of him and probably is confident that you wouldn't let something bad happen to him. Even at the vet, my cat is difficult to get back into the carrier. He really despises it.

    Have you any catnip planted for Bert? My cat really gets excited when I pull off a few leaves for him. Then, he curls up for a nap!



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