Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Tasha Tuesday

For the life of us, we can't figure out why Tasha is six pounds overweight. I've counted the calories that we give her in commercial food which includes dry kibble, wet pouch meals, dog biscuits, and dental chews. It doesn't amount to all that much. In fact, we feed her less than is recommended on the packages for a dog her size. She does get "extras" of people food, like cheese or pieces of meat here and there, but we've really reduced that over the past few months and now we're cutting it out completely.

Our fat dog. Even under two to three inches of fur.

Tasha also gets two walks a day, most days, and she runs up and down the length of our yard whenever a car or pedestrian goes by, weather permitting. I don't think she's lacking for exercise. So, where's the weight coming from? I don't know. We just have to continue paying attention and not give in to begging and cuteness. That's not easy.


  1. I wonder what Tasha would tell you, if she could.

  2. That cuteness part is hard to resist - but it doesn't sound like you are overfeeding her. Maybe she has heavy bones.

  3. I think it's an error, that's what I think :)

  4. How strange. And I think she looks beautiful. At least with our cat Moose, we KNOW where it’s coming from. He tends to eat at least twice as much as his brother. Wishing you success. Maybe her beautiful coat is really, REALLY heavy. You know, I've had some coats that weighed a ton.

  5. What Judy said. I wonder if the vet misread the weight either this time or last time, or if the scale wasn't set up properly.

  6. Well, friends, I must say I now have some new excuses I can use if somebody gives me that look: "boy, she has put on some weight!". I have heard of people saying, ...she has big bones (but that was disproven when my doc measured my wrist - only 6 inches). I like the muscles excuse - but I haven't been exactly regular using my weights. I do have longer hair now, but it couldn't possibly equal the xtra weight I've gained in the confinement! Heavy bones - not me - I have osteoporosis. Darn, that would be a good answer that would be hard for someone to argue their point!

    I'm with Judy. Do you have a scale at home? Weigh yourself and then weigh her in your arms. Same time for several days as weight fluctuates (spoken by a long-time dieter!). You are so good about her walks and if you have removed giving her scraps from the table, perhaps her weight will go down without any other changes in her lifestyle.

    Radishs are on my shopping list. I can't wait to try some radish pesto! Merci, Walt!

  7. bettyann, "Can I have some more?"

    melinda, or fur.

    sillygirl, "She was a big-boned gal from southern Alberta. You just couldn't call her small."

    judy, we wondered that, too, so we weighed her at home and got the same result.

    mitch, me too. Maybe that's it.

    chris, the same scale told us that Bert had lost weight (which he has).

    mary, we did that very thing and got the same weight as the vet. We'll try again after a while.

  8. tasha is not fat, she is well-rounded. and she doesn't look it either.


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