Saturday, June 20, 2020

Of doors and dumps

Here's another image from our April 2006 stop in the Limousin town of Collonges-la-Rouge. Doors and windows are a favorite subject of many tourists and photographers and I'm no exception.

The keystone above the doors says 1831. Pretty new! That looks like a grape vine throwing shadows on the wall.

We've yet to see if the weather people were right about the forecast, but today is looking a little warmer and drier than the past couple of weeks. Phew. As it's Saturday, I'm planning to visit the Saint-Aignan market this morning, looking for some nice fresh produce and maybe some beef for the grill.

I made my first trip to the déchetterie (refuse collection center) yesterday since last fall. We had a pile of cardboard boxes that can't go into the normal recycle bins around town, so it was good to finally get rid of them. We also had a broken old plastic outdoor table, one we bought when we first arrived in 2003. While waiting for our furniture to arrive, we needed a table for meals. The chairs we got at the same time are long gone, but we held onto the table for some reason. The dump is restricting the number of people that can get in at any one time, so I waited (but not too long) in a line of about eight cars. I also had to show something to prove that I live in the area, so I used the car's registration paper, having forgotten to take my wallet and driver's license when I left the house. Oops!


  1. I'm enjoying this photo series. Doors and windows have always fascinated me but now I think I'm into walls as well! Lovely pictures!

  2. Beautiful photo and beautifully composed!

  3. jean, I remember that you liked them and thought about you when I posted the photo. :)

    mitch, evelyn, bettyann, judy, thanks!

  4. 1831 - new?! I live in a place where something circa 1950 is considered ancient.

  5. My post disappeared. Oh, well. Very nice doors; I would have taken a photo, too!


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