Saturday, June 10, 2023

Bean greens

The first row of beans came up like gangbusters. They're even bigger than this now (photo is from last Monday) and I've thinned them out a bit. The second row is just starting to come up now, but not as aggressively as the first, possibly because I planted fewer seeds, possibly because they're a different lot of seeds. They're yellow beans, where the first are green. I'll probably go out and push some more seeds into the ground, maybe this morning. Update: I did.

A row of green bean sprouts. I'm using dried grass clippings to help keep weeds down.

We did get a little rain over night. The brown grass is probably happy. But the larger rainfall is expected this afternoon and evening. One of the weather sites is saying we'll get about 14mm between noon and midnight. That'll make the brown grass very happy.


  1. It's truly amazing how quickly beans grow. Glad you have rain on the way!

  2. The garden is looking good!

  3. mitch, I hope they stay that way!

    evelyn, some grow faster than others. :)

    bettyann, it's work, of course, but worth it.

    judy, some did, most didn't. :(

  4. Growing beans was the first gardening I ever did. It never fails to delight seeing them sprout.


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