Saturday, July 03, 2021

A warm morning

This is what summer is supposed to feel like. The outdoor temperature when I got up around 06h00 was 18ºC (about 65ºF). Not hot, not chilly. Just right. If only it would last! We're expecting some light rain to come in later this morning. I don't think I'll have time to cut grass before it rains. It's market day in town and I'm going in for a few things.

This is before pruning. In the center is a pink rose surrounded by a thicket of daisies.

The photo is looking south toward the ornamental prunus tree on the left and the big forsythia on the right. I got the electric hedge trimmers out yesterday and cut the forsythia back a bit so that I can get under it with the lawnmower. I also trimmed the small forsythia (out of the photo to the right) and the tamarisk (I think that's what it is) branches that still grow out of the tree's stump after all these years. There's also a low-hanging branch in the prunus that needs to be cut off, but I'll do that another time.


  1. Things are looking good! I’m heading out before the temps rise into the mid 30s/90s.

  2. That’s certainly a mass of flowers! We’re having warm mornings too, and afternoons and evenings and buckets of rain.

  3. You've got your work cut out for you, today! Enjoy the market.

  4. mitch, yikes!

    bettyann, we've got the overcast back, now.

    mary, I had a successful trip!

  5. another time. That sounds good.


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