Friday, July 30, 2021

Cactus flowers

I believe this is a variety of "prickly pear" cactus, given to us by a friend many years ago. It's blooming right now.

Le monde entier est un cactus.

The expected warm-up predicted for this week has -- wait for it -- fizzled. We got up to the mid 20sC yesterday, the low 70sF. Not exactly summery, especially for late July. Now it's going to cool down again. And more rain is predicted for the weekend. Lovely. Maybe it will warm up for Halloween.


  1. For those interested this is an Opuntia humifusa. It grows on the East coast of North America from Florida to North Canada. The flowers of cacti are delicate and beautiful.

    1. It usually bloom in June; at least what it does in the Washington, DC, area where this one comes from.
      , area where this one comes from.

  2. Introduced to Australia for the cochineal industry, it quickly became and invasive pest eventually controlled by the introduction of a South American moth that quickly gobbled nearly all of it away.

  3. Our temps are finally in the 90s which is typical for August. Hopefully warmer weather will reach you soon.

  4. Cactus flowers are always such surprises. I remember trick or treating on Long Island when I was little, wearing my costume over a snowsuit. I was the fattest skeleton in the neighborhood.

  5. Fascinating that all of ours are in bloom too - so it must be a seasonal thing rather than a climate condition.


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