Sunday, July 04, 2021

Party across the road

Our neighbors across the road had a garden party on Saturday. They set up the big tent in the rain on Saturday morning, but the rain stopped (mostly) in the afternoon. They were still at it at 01h00 this morning, but there was no disturbing noise to keep us from sleeping.

The neighbors were still setting up when I took this photo from our kitchen window. Most of the 40 or 50 guests had yet to arrive.

I turned on the grill to cook yesterday's lunch and nothing happened. The gas bottle, which is fairly new, was completely empty. A leak! I don't know if the bottle is defective or if there's a leak in the regulator or the grill itself. Thank goodness that it sits outside where the butane could dissipate. I will get a new, full bottle this morning and test to see if I can find a leak. It's always something.


  1. The setting looks charming for the party. Be careful with that gas!

  2. R: The gas bottle seems low.
    Me: It is fine. I checked it by lifting it up after the last time it was used.
    R: The gas has run out for the barbeque. I am going to have to finished the cooking in the frypan and it is your fault we have no gas.
    Me: Surreptitious checking revealed R does not turn off the gas bottle tap tightly enough. He musn't have turned the tap off tightly enough and the gas leaked out.

  3. As they say, Never a dull moment!

  4. At least you hadn't invited a crowd of friends over for a party! Hope it is a simple fix.
    I like that corner detail on your neighbor's home!

  5. How Katherine Mansfield for you neighbors to do so.

  6. Are these the neighbors who are about to move? Nice of them not to be too noisy.

  7. Do Bernard and Maryvonne attend these parties anymore?

  8. mitch, roger wilco!

    andrew, funny! The bottles I use have a simple valve, 1/2 turn to close the flow. I'm going to do that after every use from now on.

    chm, for sure! And, yes, B & MV do come down once in a while. They were supposed to be here yesterday, but I they didn't want to come down in the rain.

    judy, yup!

    mary, that's for sure!

    michael, ha!

    emm, no, it's not them.


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