Thursday, July 08, 2021

Roses among the weeds

Weeds are thriving everywhere this year. Only those most diligent and willing to work in the mud (not me) can keep ahead of them. There's one vegetable garden down the hill from us that looks pristine (weed-free). The elderly couple who live there have a gardener to help them. I'm sure others do, too.

A little wild, but still very pretty. Country living!

This fence and rose bushes belong to one of our neighbors. This is her vacation home and she doesn't live here full time. She employs a man who comes periodically to cut the grass. I expect we'll be seeing him again very soon. In my yard, the grass and weeds in the south 40 are getting too tall as well. I'm going to try to cut it today, in fact. No rain is predicted.


  1. Wildflower meadow planting is all the go here, if some of the garden design TV programmes are to be believed: less work and better for wildlife.

  2. Well, the roses are certainly pretty :)

  3. Yes, a charming French country corner!

  4. I’m so glad that at least is not a garden you have to worry about.

  5. Think how happy all the critters are in that lush growth.

  6. autolycus, true, especially in urbanized areas. Out here in the country we have a lot of wild places.

    judy, nice colors, yes!

    kiwi, shabby chic?

    mitch, me too!

    chris, I draw the line at ticks. And mosquitos.


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