Monday, July 12, 2021

Guess what? It's raining

The rain is back. For a couple of days, at least. I'm glad to have had a few dry days to cut the grass. I wonder when the next opportunity will be? With all this rain, it's growing at a faster clip than it has in recent years.

I had enough good weather to get all sections of the yard cut last week.

The rain is also slowing down our garden contractor's work, not to mention his having to make up for lost time due to covid lockdowns over the past year or so. He originally told me that he thought he could get the work (removing trees, shrubs, and renovating our garden path) done last December. Then it became end of June/beginning of July). I haven't heard from him yet. And no word from the contractor who's going (we hope) to do the deck renovation. It's been about eight months since we approved his estimate. I called a few months ago and was assured that we're on the list and would be scheduled soon. I'm going to have to look up the word "soon" in the dictionary because I thought it meant something else.


  1. I wish we could share some of your rain and I’m glad you managed to get all that work done before this latest round. The work delays must be very frustrating.

  2. Perhaps the translation of soon is problematic?

  3. There are so many words like that, but soon is one of the better known!

  4. I seem to remember that if a contractor says "normalement" they will be here next week, it actually means only if you're very lucky and probably not!

  5. What a nice picture of your house and backyard! Waiting always seems to take a long time, doesn’t it?

  6. Very funny, Walt --ha! But, frustrating, that's for sure.
    I love seeing your yard.

  7. Walt, the French tradesman's soon is.....
    "I am still interested in the work, the devis still stands....
    but someone else has a bigger, more lucrative job for me....
    so I'm doing that first!"

  8. mitch, it's just typically French. It's a good lesson in patience.

    andrew, perhaps.

    chm, in the fullness of time...

    jean, I fully expect that, when the work starts, it will all start at the same time and we'll be living in managed chaos.

    bettyann, yup!

    judy, it's very green and lush looking this summer, because of all the rain. I had gotten used to brown grass this time of year.

    tim, lol!


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