Tuesday, July 13, 2021


The oregano patch is flowering now. There are more flowers than I've seen before, probably because of all the rain we've had this season compared to the dry, hot summers we've had for so many years. I harvested and dried a good amount of oregano before the flowering started.

The oregano patch in bloom.

We're expecting another day of rain. Yesterday started out rainy, but we actually had some sun later in the afternoon. So far, this has been un été pourri. A rotten summer.


  1. Have you ever harvested after the flowers have arrived?
    All my books [yes, we've three books on cooking with herbs] say that is where the best flavour is....
    in the actual flowers.

  2. We’ve never had herb gardens. The colors are so rich. Temps have dropped from high 90s yesterday to high 70s today. And sunny. Ahhhh.

  3. I had no idea that the oregano would flower like this.Looks nice :)

  4. Never knew the oregano blossoms would be purple!


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