Thursday, July 22, 2021

The state of the grapes

They're growing. The grape bunches are getting bigger as the individual grapes plump up. It's too early for color, that is the red grapes actually turning red, so to tell what variety this is, one has to recognize the shape of the leaves or, if you're a grower, know (and remember) what is planted where. I'm guessing that this is sauvignon blanc based on the leaf shape.

The blue tint on the leaves is sprayed copper sulfate to help prevent fungus.

In the never-ending saga of yard work, Ken did some major weed trimming in the hedges yesterday. The worst things that grow in the hedges are wild roses and blackberries. Very thorny, very hardy. I got the west forty mowed even though it was a little too wet (from dew). Today I hope to finish up this round with the north forty. We're expecting a rain system to move in over the weekend.


  1. The grapes look happy. Hope you get this round of yard work done before the next round of rain.

  2. Magnificent camaïeu, monochrome photo,

  3. Great colors in your photo.

  4. That photo would be a good one for a vineyard to use showing off their grapes! Love the variety of greens you have captured.


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