Monday, December 25, 2023

A chorus line

Of Santas, of course. This tree ornament was a gift from a friend back in 1988. More precisely, a gift from the young daughter of a friend. Doing the math reveals that was thirty-five years ago. Yikes! Needless to say, said daughter has since grown up.

Happy holidays to all!


  1. I love these guys! (And I'm now onto the soundtrack of A Chorus Line.) I just spoke with our friends´ young daughter. We have an ornament she made for us in 1986. She's now 46!

  2. Merry Christmas, I bet she still remembers Walt and Ken.

  3. mitch, how time flies!

    travel, thanks, and to you as well. Oh yes, she does.

    judy, it goes on the tree every year!

    evelyn, thanks! To you and Lewis, too!


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