Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire

I'm out of photos. Again. So here's a little Christmas from 2018: one of my favorite tree ornaments. This year's tree isn't set up yet. I like to wait until about the fifteenth before decorating the real-fake-Swedish holiday tree.

A very Eiffel Christmas. I found this at a museum shop in San Francisco over twenty years ago.

That same weekend we'll order our holiday bird from the poultry vendors at the Saturday market. This year we'd like a chapon de poulet (a capon), one of the traditional dishes for Christmas in France.It should be ready for pick-up on the twenty-third.

Yesterday morning, while walking Tasha, I saw a complete rainbow in the northern sky. The sun was just up and peeking through a gap in the otherwise cloudy sky. A passing rain squall provided a dramatically dark backdrop for the rainbow. The grand arc was brilliant and unbroken from its "ground" points on either end. I wonder if each of those ends had its own pot of gold. I didn't have my camera, but I know I would not have been able fit the whole thing in a frame. The show lasted a good ten minutes before fading away. Ah, nature!


  1. It's a gorgeous ornament. By the description I think a blogger in Pennsylvania saw the same rainbow

  2. I've got to get into the Christmas boxes. SG is hosting Christmas dinner. Argh! I love the Eiffel tower ornament and the fact that you bought it in San Francisco. The streets of Málaga are filled with the smell and smoke of roasting chestnuts.

  3. What a beautiful rainbow moment, glad you were able to enjoy it and tell us about it. The season is unfolding now that the dark days are here.

  4. That rainbow sounds beautiful.

  5. andrew, ha!

    judy, I don't think that Tasha could see it... LOL!

    mitch, dinner for how many?

    evelyn, that's for sure!

    michael, I was amazed!

  6. Seven of us. But he's getting carried away... again.


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