Friday, December 29, 2023


I'm pretty sure that I've posted this before. But I can't remember when, maybe ten years ago? The photo is stamped "Dec 63" and I'm pretty confident that it's accurate, given where my family lived at the time.

The four year old me, frolicking in the snow.

Only three more shopping days until the New Year! I've got to go to the pharmacy this morning to renew the meds (blood pressure and cholesterol). Tomorrow I'm going to the Saturday market for some fresh fish for our New Year's Eve lunch. I'll have to go early lest they sell out fast. Lest? Where did that come from?


  1. I don't remember this photo, but I love it. I've recently noticed my writing style has been peppered with old world style. Words and phrases I never used before appearing in my stream of consciousness, sentence fragments, and run-ons. I remember a recent “lest we forget.”

  2. I can't remember seeing the photo. You were a sweet and happy looking boy.

  3. No why does that remind me of Calvin & Hobbes

  4. "Lest" from watching the BBC and proper English.

  5. Four year old boys are so cute- there's a little child in all of us still. Mine would like some snow this winter but keep the power on.

  6. I don't remember seeing this photo before, but it is so cute!
    Back to your house in Delmar: Delaware has got to be the longest street! I found two Sears houses there just where I "drove" on Google Streetview, and we had one already (street numbers 198, 213, and 427 are all Sears houses). Could you tell me the house address, please?

  7. Seldom was I able to enjoy December snow or any month with now during my childhood like your whimsical photo... sad. But we did have a few years with snow and once I was on the cover of the newspaper coming down the hill in a rented tobaggan (no one or not many had sleds in my town! Rental agencies supplied tobaggans for those driving up to the mountains (about an hour away). My one claim to fame -heehee.

  8. mitch, but of course...

    andrew, for maybe fifteen minutes a day... lol

    tim, who do you think took the picture? ;)

    travel, hip hip cheerio!

    evelyn, some snow would be nice!

    judy, a little trip to Google Maps tells me that the house is #431 Delaware Ave in Delmar.

    mary, we had toboggans when I was a kid. Probably because we had lots of snow. And hills. Golf courses were popular destinations for tobogganing.


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