Friday, December 22, 2023


Thursday's lunch began with a glass (or three) of our local sparkling wine, often called vin pétillant. It can't be called Champagne because it's not made in the Champagne region, but the principle is the same. The winery that makes this one is just across the river from us. Each fall, they have a special deal: buy five bottles and get one free.

A glass of local Touraine pétillant. Yum!

They make brut (dry), demi-sec (sweet), and rosé. I like the dry stuff. A little further down river from us are the regions of Vouvray and Montlouis, well-known for their sparking wines. What sets them apart from the standard local sparklers is chenin blanc, the white grape they use. Where we live, the winemakers use chardonnay in their blends for vin pétillant, as they do in the Champagne region.


  1. Hippo belated Birdie two ewes! Look's like the lunch was rather tasty!

  2. Enjoy the season, and the birthday!

  3. After your birthday more light comes into our world lol! Great wine shot!

  4. So how many free bottles did you get this fall?

  5. Yes, I, like BettyAnn, have that same question - how many free bottles? Happy Happy (even if yesterday I must have forgotten to hit publish birthday!

  6. May these next twelve months be marvelous for you!


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