Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Will find it hard to sleep tonight

Another day, another favorite ornament. This one I found at a place called Restoration Hardware in the SF Bay Area. I looked up the store on line and it looks like it has gone seriously upscale from twenty or so years ago when I used to shop there.

I can row a boat, canoe?

At any rate, this little canoe reminds me of camping trips in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York when I was a kid. My dad liked to rent a canoe or other small boat and take it out on a lake at the crack of dawn to fish. He would, of course, drag me along (he also dragged me to a golf course a time or two to caddy for him. Yawn.) I had no interest in fishing whatsoever; no patience for it at all. But I must admit, paddling out onto a mirror-calm mountain lake as the sun rose and burned off the misty morning ground fog was quite pretty.


  1. That canoe is a work of art. I, too, used to love Restoration Hardware, but I remember it being pricey even back then, so I can only imagine what it's like now.

  2. I haven’t looked recently, but always found Restoration Hardware to be a cool place… but, pricey. we had it at one of our malls, but I haven’t been to that mall in ages. I even know if our malls have stores in them anymore!

  3. We have Restoration Hardware and it is pricey. I do think I found a Christmas ornament there once or twice.

  4. Beautiful canoe! I think a Christmas ornament would be all I could afford at RH.


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