Monday, December 18, 2023

To kids from one to ninety-two

This ornament is a tiny bird house, although I don't think that there's a bird on Earth that could fit through the hole. Maybe a bee. But I really like its simplicity.

A little bird house.

It's a "busy" week ahead for us. Mostly for Ken. He's got a couple of appointments (a haircut and a covid booster) and he's going to drop by the garage to see about replacing the Peugeot's broken gear shift knob. There's some light grocery shopping to do, including getting cheese for our annual Christmas Eve fondue. On Saturday we'll be picking up the holiday bird and whatever other things we might have forgotten. I've decided to make apple tart for desserts, so apples are on the list.


  1. Is the holiday bird taking the train from Paris? Another charming ornament -- the bird house, not the holiday bird.

  2. Enjoy the week, and every week to come.

  3. Cute bird house. I’m looking forward to pictures of your apple tart.

  4. There will be a birthday celebration for sure, and I'm not talking about Jesus lol!

  5. Gear Shift Knob - - Oh my! Mine needs to be replaced, the rubber around the top is all cracked. I have been checking around for over a month. They are not CHEAP. I was told even though the car rarely spends much time out in the sun, I should have been using the same product on it that I use on the dashboard to have avoided this situation. When spring comes, I will try to get one from a yard full of old cars (I forget what those businesses are called!) The Honda dealer quoted me $150, I believe. Other shops for car parts don't have anything normal - they all have designs that I didn't want. I hope Ken finds something to his taste. I would be happy just showing the 5 gears & reverse! Is that too much to ask? Glad the sun decided to show it's face! Birdhouses are perfect for a Christmas Tree, imo.

  6. Above comment from Mary in Oregon!

  7. Your ornament photos are all so beautiful.

  8. mitch, no, silly, he's FLYING! LOL

    travel, thanks! You too.

    bettyann, uh-oh... the pressure's on! ;)

    evelyn, ha!

    mary, it's being ordered from the manufacturer and installed for 45 euros.

    michael, thanks!

    judy, merci !


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