Saturday, April 04, 2020


These relatives of the primrose are known around here as coucous (which in French means cuckoos,* but in English they're cowslips). Early spring is when they pop up (about the same time that the cuckoo birds show up) and make these bright yellow flowers. We have a couple in our yard, but I see them mostly in wild places along our dog-walking route.

I know they're called "cow-slips" in English, but I can't help thinking "cows-lips" whenever I hear or read their name. LOL.

Ken made a successful trip to the Super U drive on Friday. They had everything he had ordered and there were no substitutions. Today, I'll do the same over at Intermarché across the river. I'm expecting substitutions because we ordered a bunch of wine, different bottles that are on sale. We often find that the store has run out when we shop in person, so I don't expect them to have exactly what we ordered a few days ago.

Meanwhile, I checked my gas can and, to my surprise, it's nearly full. I must have filled it last fall before I put the mower away. Consequently, I won't need to go to the gas station today.

* The French also use the word to announce that they've arrived at someone's home, as in "Coucou, c'est nous !" which could be translated as, "Yoo-hoo! It's us!" or "We're here!"


  1. Mitchell, you always make me laugh! My intended attempt at humor paled in comparison to yours so it was left on the cutting room floor.

    1. BettyAnn:
      Thanks for that! I'm glad someone enjoys (and gets) my sense of humor... other than Walt and Seine Judeet.

  2. I had a lovely walk in the neighborhood yesterday, and got to see lots of daffodils, some early tulips, and, I think, some coucous (I first read that with an extra s, so, couScous --- made me chuckle!
    I hope your Intermarché trip was successful.

  3. The one thing I miss by living in North America is hearing the first cuckoo in the spring, as you did a few days ago.

  4. A couple of years ago, someone in France greeted me with "cuckoo", or so it sounded to me. Nice to know I wasn't mishearing, just didn't know the background on that. Thanks.

  5. mitch, cuckoo's on first.

    bettyann, hehe!

    judy, I know, I think of couscous, too. Now I'm hungry!

    anon, it's always nice when they come back.

    emm, yes, our former neighbor would often do a high-pitched "coucou" to call to us from our driveway in summer. Since our windows are open, she knew we would hear her.

  6. I first heard of cowslips in Shakespeare (The Tempest?) they are considered fairy flowers and be mindful around them lest you upset The little Folk.


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