Saturday, April 11, 2020

Dandy lions

The dandelions don't practice "social distancing." But we humans must, at least right now. There seem to be more people than usual walking along the vineyard road these past few days. I guess that some of them are not at work and are taking advantage of the nice weather to get some exercise. Others might be a little stir-crazy and just need to get out for a while. I usually don't encounter anyone on my morning walks with Tasha because I go out early. But on the afternoon walks we bob and weave through the vines and woods to avoid contact. Tasha loves it.

One of these dandelions has a bald spot.

The deck is all washed and set up for summer. Now it's time to do some more grass cutting before the next rain system moves in on Monday. That may be a good day to get the American tax returns filed.


  1. In the US the tax return deadline is 15 July, because of Civid-19. That might change.

  2. I’m afraid there’s no denyin’, I’m just a dandy lion. Excuse me while I go finish the song or it will be in my head for the rest of the day.

  3. I am not stir crazy, I am telling you. I just want my life back. Suffer ye children. When will this nightmare end?

  4. I need to sit down and get my taxes over with, too, even though the deadline has been moved. Or, maybe I'll wait LOL

  5. It is hard to imagine my ancestors actually imported dandelions as a valuable crop.

  6. chm, yes, I had heard that. But I still want to get them done and over with!

    mitch, hehe... I just used that line on Spo's blog.

    andrew, hang in there!

    judy, I have to do the French taxes in May, so I like to get the American ones done first.

    michael, the greens are edible, or so I'm told.


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