Friday, April 03, 2020

Fig leaves

And tiny figs. So far, so good. The fig tree is leafing out and there are figs on the branches. The threat of a freeze is far from over but, like I said, so far, so good. We're expecting some good warm weather to build in over the weekend. I need to cut the grass.

The first figs of spring are reputed to be less desirable than the second crop in summer. I don't know about our tree because the first crop always seems to succumb to frost and the second crop is paltry and gets eaten by birds.

To that end, I will venture out to the gas station on Saturday morning to fill the gas can for the mower and the rototiller. I'm also picking up a grocery order at Intermarché, which is where the gas station is. I'll take some alcohol-soaked wipes to clean the gas pump and the keypad, and I will not touch my face, and I will wash my hands well when I get home.


  1. You sound like you're promising Mom you'll behave. I'm glad to know it. Another great photo. Hope the figs make it this year. That would be a nice little gift.

  2. I love seeing these tiny leaves that are spring green! We do the same thing when buying gas- we don't need much now lol.

  3. Oregon usually does not allow us to pump our own gas. SHOCKINGLY, the new law just came out saying to protect the workers, we are now allowed to do it. When I went to Costco last Saturday, I was instructed to put my own credit card into and out of the machine, but a worker still did the pumping. I will be anxious to see if the next time is different. Spring green is one of my favorite colors that Mother Nature can really excell in with the new buds and leaves.

  4. Keypads are a problem. I sanitise after I use one. We only have to touch them, that is enter your PIN, if the amount is over $100, otherwise it just touching the card to machine. This is about to increase to $200 as a safety measure, a good thing in my opinion. We've stopped using cash now.

  5. A suggestion from elsewhere re keypads: Carry a couple of Q-tips, use those to push the buttons. One doubled over likely would also work an elevator button, if those are part of your life. I carry a couple of sanitizing wipes in a plastic baggie, whip it out when I need to do hands or steering wheel or whatever.
    Your photo of the nascent fig is lovely, I will look forward to progress reports as it grows into a full-blown, honking big thing. Figs and chevre, mmmmmmmm.

  6. mitch, I hope so, too. I'll keep you posted!

    judy, maybe!

    evelyn, we don't need any for the cars, either.

    mary, interesting!

    andrew, I like the no-contact thing. We can do it for purchases under 20 euros. They should bump it up like you guys did!

    emm, good idea! I'll try that.

  7. I learned figs are not considered proper vegetarian victuals as a wasp crawls in them to become part of the fig. It is an unappetizing consideration (the wasp part).


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