Sunday, April 19, 2020

La glycine

Here's the wisteria, v.2020. I mentioned before that I planted it in 2006, fourteen years ago. It started out about two feet tall. It slowly grew up and out over the years. I've pruned it back a few times, and the wind tore it off the wall a couple of times. But it survives.

I did a serious pruning last fall. There's still some cutting to do. One of these days.

I noticed yesterday that my crop of green flat beans has sprouted. It's so exciting! The yellow beans and the peas have not sprouted yet, but there is still hope. And I'm planning to plant a second crop of peas today or tomorrow, snow peas this time, a semi-dwarf variety. They won't climb as high as the others, but that's ok.


  1. I love wisteria. We planted it in San Diego on our portico at our side entrance. We got to see it bloom and grow for 2 years before we sold the house. I hope it's glorious now. The new owners trim the hell out of everything. We had a stunning, trunky, ornamental olive in the front garden. They made it look like a lolly pop. Oh... sorry... I went off on a tangent.

    1. I hear your pain, Mitchell. In the southeast of the US where I live, many people cut back their crape myrtles every year rather than let them grow in their naturally beautiful form. It’s called crape rape and crape murder! 😤.

    2. BettyAnne:
      Oh, that used to make me crazy when I would see it. Bougainvillea, as well. And jasmine. There I go again...

  2. how exciting to see things grow specially in the spring time.

  3. mitch, well, you know what they say: you can't go back.

    bettyann, the French are known for seriously controlling gardens, especially the biggies at châteaux (think Tuileries or Versailles). That's too much work for me!

    judy, I'm looking forward to our first crop!

    michael, it's nice when they come back from winter's slumber!


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