Monday, April 13, 2020

Le lundi de Pâques

Easter Monday is a holiday in France. This year it doesn't really seem to matter much, as many people are not working anyway under the confinement order. I read that the president is speaking tonight and is expected to extend confinement to the tenth of May.

Dirt piles at sunrise.

Those piles of dirt that I noticed out in the vineyard last fall are still there. I also noticed that a small amount was removed a few months ago, but I have no idea by whom or why.


  1. Those piles of dirt are just so strange (and unfortunate).

  2. What in the world could they be used for? They look like
    they have been the leftover after a basement or pool was dug.

  3. Maybe the dirt piles are to fill potholes in the dirt road?

  4. mitch, they don't bother me. We only see them when walking way out into the vineyards.

    mary, I don't know. Yet!

    emm, I thought they might be, but no. The mayor told me back in October that one of the grape growers dumped them there. It's his property. She didn't know what they're for, either.


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