Sunday, April 12, 2020

Tower of power

No? Ok. It's just a microwave/telecommunications tower. I think. It's called un pylône in French. We can see this one from out toward the end of our dog walking route in the vineyards. It stands pretty much in the middle of nowhere, between vineyards and forest.

Le pylône, seen at sunrise from out among the grape vines.

More progress in the yard! I power washed a few concrete planter boxes that we use on the deck. If I remember correctly, we got them back in 2003, the first year we were in the house. This is the second time I've washed the moss and lichens off, and they look pretty good. I also cut the grass again in the south 40, along the road, and outside the hedges. Today I hope to finish up the rest of the yard. It's a shorter cut than the first one, so maybe it won't need mowing again so soon.


  1. Looking forward to seeing more garden photos with that freshly mown lawn. These kinds of towers make me want to climb. Imagine the view from up there.

  2. Yes, pictures of your yard and clean planter boxes are always welcome. Did you see a picture of the chocolate bunnies with white chocolate masks? Too funny!

  3. Happy Easter! It's funny to think of chocolate bunnies wearing masks, but that's where we are April 2020.

  4. What is the French for 'The Eye of Sauron'?

  5. mitch, it would be cool, I'm sure!

    bettyann, yes. Weird.

    evelyn, thanks!

    michael, hehe. "l'œil de Sauron." There have been no orc sightings for an age.


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