Monday, April 06, 2020

Maple flowers

The red maples in front of the house are in full flower right now. I can see the little leaves starting to get bigger, too. Soon the flowers will fade and drop and the leaves will fill out.

The maple flowers are bright yellow, the emerging leaves are deep red.

I got out to the garden in the nice mid-day sunshine on Sunday and tilled up the strip of the vegetable garden where I plant climbing beans and peas. If I'm feeling industrious this morning, I will get out and rake through it and re-attach the section of fencing that serves as a trellis. It would be nice to get some seeds in the ground before it gets to be too late. We are expecting some rain to start around noon today.


  1. I'd never taken a good look at maple flowers. Beautiful and so nice in the sunlight.

  2. Beautifully detailed photo!

  3. It's always exciting to begin planting seeds! Those red maple flowers cause a lot of allergies for me, alas.

  4. There are a few put in as street trees not far from where I live. I've often idly wondered in the flowering season what kind of a tree they were, and now I know - thank you!

  5. Were you upstairs looking out at the top of the trees, or is that one of your telephoto lens you are using? Nice shot, either way.

  6. mitch, I don't remember maple flowers from my childhood. I do remember the "helicopter" seeds.

    bettyann, thanks!

    thickethouse, ugh!

    autolycus, a common tree in the northeaster US.

    mary, it's from the deck, one floor above ground, and yes, with a telephoto lens. Good call!


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