Friday, April 24, 2020


Since yesterday's photo was not actually in the town I was talking about, here is a photo that is. It's the main commercial street in Domme. It leads visitors past all manner of souvenir shops and specialty stores that sell regional products like foie gras. The ultimate destination at the top of the street is the belvédère, an overlook into the Dordogne Valley below.

The wisteria were in full bloom in Domme when we visited in April 2006.

I got some of the grass cut (again!) on Thursday, and a few other yard chores done. Ken made great progress with plants, essentially cleaning out our entry porch where a lot of plants spend the winter. I'm continuing with the oregano harvest and drying. Maybe I'll do a post about that soon.


  1. Oh, that photo makes me want to be there. I can just imagine the fragrance beneath that wisteria. Exquisite.

  2. Makes my nostalgic for those long-gone days when social distancing was not THE issue of the time.

  3. I've never been to Domme, but the photo piques my interest.

  4. I absolutely love that photo. The wisteria is so beautiful. The photo makes me want to be there!

  5. mitch, I wonder what it's like now? The streets are probably empty.

    raybeard, I know what you mean.

    judy, maybe one day we'll be able to travel again. :(

    michael, thanks. I wonder if I'll ever have occasion to go back. There are so many other places to see.


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