Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Ça commence

I noticed a couple of trucks parked out in the vineyard yesterday. Through binoculars I saw people carrying big bins on their shoulders through the vine rows. That can only mean one thing: the 2020 grape harvest has begun.

Grapes nearing maturity.

In these first days, at least in the vineyard out back, the harvest begins with hand-picking in selected parcels. I don't know which varietal is being picked, or why certain grapes are hand-picked and others are not. I'm sure there's a rhyme and reason to it all. But I do know from news reports that the harvest is beginning early all over the country, in some places a whole month early. The culprit is the hot, but mostly dry, dry, dry, summer we've had.


  1. We went to our favourite winery in Limeray last week and the lovely man who runs it and makes the wine told us the harvest would start this week, earlier than he has never known it before.

  2. The colors must be stunning when you get to wander the vineyards. The blue-violet pictured is delicious looking.

  3. The colors of the grapes looked cool against the colors of the sky, in the photo from the previous blog post, when they were both up on my screen at the same time. :)

  4. Those grapes look ready for wine!

  5. I love this photo. The colors in it are so vivid.

  6. jean, I wonder how they're thinking the quantity/quality will be this year.

    mitch, we also taste the grapes this time of year. Shhh, don't tell anyone!

    judy, cool!

    evelyn, so do I... ;)

    michael, thanks! I like it when the grapes turn color. I can't tell red from white until they change!

  7. how lovely to know it is grape harvest time!


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