Saturday, August 29, 2020

No frost on this pumpkin

This is the season's first pumpkin from our garden. I've been checking them daily and they all seem pretty much ready. But this one had a soft spot on one side, so I picked it on Friday. I cut a wedge out where the soft spot was and roasted the rest. I scooped the roasted flesh out and will get it into freezer containers today.

I see pumpkin pie in our near future.

The pumpkin is a muscade variety whose skin turns tan (not unlike a butternut squash) when ripe. Like this one, they won't necessarily get tan all over. There are two more of these out there, and two rouge vif (bright red) pumpkins still to harvest. I'll be doing that over the weekend. Photos to come!


  1. Since you have so much luck with pumpkins, maybe you should try Charentais for diversification.

  2. Pumpkin pie is my favorite! I’m sure yours will taste as good as this pumpkin looks. I’m looking forward to seeing those red ones too.

  3. BettyAnn, pumpkin pie is my favorite, too!

  4. chm, sounds like a good idea.

    bettyann, stay tuned!

    mitch, I'm thinking "headless horseman."

    judy, apple is my favorite, but pumpkin is a close second.

  5. how marvelous and cheery this is for me to see the first 'sign' of autumn - a photo of your pumpkin. It made the day. :-)


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